16 May 2008


oh diamond diamond thou little knowest the mischief thou hast done.
watch the music video from NODERN (big / small)
a music artist in a league of his own.

Lawrence Weiner

15 May 2008


New short film out by Hillman Curtis on Lawrence Weiner, a central figure of conceptual art, in his Greenwich Village Studio. Part of their New Artists Series. View here.

Timothy Saccenti

11 May 2008


Timothy Saccenti is a photographer from NYC. He does a lot of portraiture work mostly for bands, but has recently been directing music videos. Check out this one he did for the band Battles (snapshot of the set above).

Crash Ballet

10 May 2008

Video from the Coudal remix contest. Via Monoscope.

Kyoko Masutani

10 May 2008

Short documentary about Japanese artist Kyoko Masutani and her recent work.

New Stereolab video

06 May 2008

New Stereolab video for the track ‘Three Women’, from their upcoming album Chemical Chords.


17 April 2008


Some seriously amazing animation. Be patient, it really gets going about half way through. Fantastic.

If you have any further info on this, the animator, maybe a translated version, or where I can buy 10,000 copies, let me know.


08 April 2008

Surreal stop-motion film I did at calArts.



Graphic designer Geoff McFetridge has a new installation which just opened at the Seattle Art Museum. Nice photostream of the exhibit here.

Great short documentary on McFetridge from Coudal Partners here.

New article on Ed Fella and Geoff McFetridge from Voice: AIGA Journal of Design here.