25 August 2011

Based out of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Stephen Kelleher

16 August 2011

Stephen Kelleher (formerly Frankenstyles) has a nice new site up. Thanks for the email.

National Forest

12 August 2011

National Forest launch their new site.

Justin Blyth

08 August 2011

LA born and raised, Amsterdam based, Justin Blyth. Thanks for the email.

Luisa Chillida Bergareche

03 August 2011

Luisa Chillida Bergareche is a painter, illustrator and sculptor from Spain.

Nina Gregier

03 August 2011

Nina Gregier is a designer/illustrator from Poland. Thanks for the email.

Of Gods and Monsters

01 August 2011

Jesse Tise is a recent grad from Art Center College of Design. Thanks for the email.

My Name is Wendy

16 July 2011

My Name is Wendy is Carole Gautier and Eugénie Favre from France.


01 July 2011

Brosmind is a multidisciplinary studio based in Barcelona founded by the Mingarro Brothers. They speciallize in illustration, graphic design and product design, although they often develop their own projects. Their style is fresh and optimistic and always combines fantasy and humor.  Their work has been awarded several times including Cannes Lions (Gold and Silver, at Cannes 2007; Bronze at Cannes 2011), Laus Trophy (Barcelona 2007), Sol de Oro (San Sebastian 2008), Shorlist (Cannes 2008).

Borja Bonaque update

22 June 2011

New website from the talented Borja Bonaque. Thanks for the email.