Ill Studio

05 June 2008




Ill-Studio out of France.


04 June 2008


San Fransisco based illustrator Matt Furie.

Big Fat Whale

03 June 2008


I bookmarked this site a long time ago, followed his work for some months and slowly I left it behind with the rest of the links in my bookmark. Some weeks ago I re-discoverd this site while I was searching for another link and I started reading again Brian Mc Fadden´s comics, which are simply great.
I hope you enjoy them as well.

Will Bryant

29 May 2008


22 year-old graphic design student from Mississipi State University.
Click here to visit his website.


27 May 2008


Quite nice work from Timo Boese out of Hamburg.


23 May 2008


New exhibition out by depthCORE entitled Requiem. This piece is by featured artist Kervin Brisseaux.

Cody Hoyt

23 May 2008



I don’t know much about him, accept he uses silkscreen, lithography, etching, gouache, mixed media, pencil, marker, and ink, and his work is sweet. Site here.

Tyler Stout

22 May 2008

The Thing by Tyler Stout

This wonderful 24″x36″ 5-color screen-printed poster was designed by Tyler Stout, commissioned by the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Great illustrations and nice details, printing by D&L Screenprinting in Seattle. Be sure to check out his Blade Runner and Big Trouble in Little China designs. Unfortunately all three sold out.


Steve Harrington sent over an email today letting us know that SixPack France are hosting a traveling exhibition of his new work entitled “Our Mountain.” It kicks off June 5th in Paris, and will tour through Berlin, Barcelona, and Milan. In case you can’t make it, check out Steve’s first solo book commemorating the show. Day-by-day photo blog of the tour may also be found here.

Rui Tenreiro

21 May 2008

Rui Tenreiro
Rui Tenreiro

Rui Tenreiro: genial illustrator/artist from Mozambique/Norway
look out for his new book.