Théo Gènnitsakis

22 April 2009

Théo Gènnitsakis

Update of the french graphic designer Théo Gènnitsakis who’s recently opened his agency “La Surprise” in Paris. Very beautiful evolution in his work and a very cool guy !

Douglas Lee

21 April 2009


Airbrush style typographic illustrations by the the multi-talented Douglas Lee also known as Lee Douglas.

Baysan Yüksel

21 April 2009

Turkish artist Baysan Yüksel.

Matthew The Horse

20 April 2009

Received an email from Matthew Hodson the other day, aka Matthew The Horse. I especially love the Poetry/ Handdryers section. Thanks for the link.

Lapin adds a few fresh updates.

Micah Lidberg

13 April 2009



Amazing works by Micah Lidberg.

Karina Peterson

13 April 2009

Karina Peterson is a student from Denmark with beautiful experimental typography and design. Thanks for the link Karina!


Another impressive contact of mine on Flickr brings some abstract globes, totemic columns, and supernatural rock quarries to my attention regularly. Check out Push the Button, add them as your contact.

Sparrow v. Swallow

09 April 2009

Sparrow v. Swallow is a creative studio based in Harlem, New York.

Cherri Wood

06 April 2009

Cheri Wood from Minnesota. Recent interview. Upcoming exhibit at thinkspace gallery in LA.