Normal Bias

08 May 2009

Normal Bias is an experimental art & design house based in England.

Image shown-
Design / Art Direction: Normal Bias
Illustration: Christophe Remy

Chris Ede

05 May 2009

Chris Ede revamps his site and adds some new illustrations.

Hippy Shit Vol. 1

01 May 2009

Hippy Shit Vol. 1

Spread by Jez Burrows

Spread by Jez Burrows

Spread by Mike Perry

Spread by Mike Perry

Bryan Dalton and Alex Harris have recently put out what they call, an independently published psychedelic field trip, also known as Hippy Shit.
40 pages, offset on yellow French paper, and 16 top notch contributors.  Alex Bec, Mike Perry, Jez Burrows, Hort, etc.
It looks like they’ve already got plans for a series of prints this summer, as well as #2 in the Fall.  Looking forward.

/ M / A / S / H /

30 April 2009

Mash was founded in 2002 in Adelaide, Australia by Dom Roberts and James Brown, and they’re frickin’ awesome.

Manuel Lariño

30 April 2009

Manuel Lariño from Florida Spain got in touch with some new work. Thanks for the link!

Jan Feliks Kallwejt

29 April 2009

Antoine Corbineau

27 April 2009

Antoine Corbineau got in touch with us the other day. Nice stuff, thanks for the link!


26 April 2009




Digital illustrations from Brazilian,Rubens

Stine Belden Røed makes beautiful things in Bergen, Norway. She’s a recent grad of Bergen National Academy of the Arts and her new website is up. Flickr set here.

Victoria Line

24 April 2009


The tiles of the Victoria Line. I miss London. Repost from Design Assembly (superb blog worth adding to your feed reader)