Pia Bramley

25 June 2012

I’m digging Pia Bramley’s drawings. Especially that baby.


09 April 2012

From Haifa, Israel, Unga.

Mulheres Barbadas

01 April 2012

Mulheres Barbadas, aka the Bearded Ladies, are Henrique Lima and Julio Zukerman. Working together based in São Paulo since 2007, the illustration duo joined forces to fill empty spaces with monochromatic doodles.

Eva Eun-Sil Han

27 March 2012

Drawings, collages and things by Eva Eun-Sil Han.

Sergio Membrillas

22 March 2012

Sergio Membrillas is a freelance illustrator based in Valencia, California.

Jack Vanzet

22 March 2012

Melbourne based designer Jack Vanzet. Thanks for the email.

More Tong

18 March 2012

Shanghai based graphic designer/ typographer –  More Tong.

Luli Sánchez

21 February 2012

For 18 years, Cuban-born Luli Sánchez designed prints for the fashion industry, before founding her own studio in 2004. Luli uses her unique touch with watercolor to create patterns inspired by everything from florals to kitchenware, geometry to animal skins. She lives and works between Brooklyn, NY and Merida, Mexico.

Leah Durant

20 February 2012

Leah Durant is a recent grad living in Yorkshire, England. She is a multidisciplinary artist working with found images and photography to printmaking and drawing. Thanks for the email.

Benjamin Edmiston

16 January 2012

Benjamin Edmiston’s compositions are fueled by the creation a familiar but askew world. Using a flat and decorative style, his fantastical settings are inhabited by ominous characters. Planes of floating heads, half-skinned snakes, and bodiless arms are some of his visual vocabulary; recalling the tension of an early, crude Mickey Mouse cartoon – or a misplaced folk sculpture, standing eerily on a dusty shelf. Benjamin lives and works in Brooklyn.