Talita Hoffmann

22 January 2010



Talita Hoffmann (1988) is a brazilian artist that works primarily with drawing and painting on paper, developing a dream like universe inspired on nature and its different connections and relations. Has showed her work on different group shows, on places like São Paulo, California, Barcelona and Helsinki, and in 2009 has had her first solo show at Museu do Trabalho, in Porto Alegre – where she currently works and lives.”

Paper Vs Pencil

22 January 2010

Really nice work from Jesse Brown out of Seattle. Been a while since we’ve heard from the Pacific Northwest – thanks for the email.

Bruno Kurru

19 January 2010




Some work of Bruno Kurru in Brazil.

Carl Krull

19 January 2010

Danish artist Carl Krull (based in Copenhagen). His work is drawn, painted, and occasionally animated – especially neat seeing his process in the time lapse videos.

Felicity Case-Mejia

18 January 2010

Felicity Case-Mejia is a designer/illustrator based in Melbourne. Thanks for the email.

Jesse Corinella

13 January 2010

Jesse Corinella from Long Island, New York.

Doe Eyed

13 January 2010

Eric Nyffeler has a new site up. Nice collection of band posters and album art. He’s also having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on screen prints (for a limited time).

Ludovic Balland

12 January 2010


Once in a while I check Ludovic’s work, which I am a big fan.
I am surprised that nobody (me included) in TSA posted him before, shame on us!

Jake Blanchard

08 January 2010

Beautiful illustrative work from Jake Blanchard. Thanks for the email.

Rocío Cañero

05 January 2010





Incredibly talented and nice spanish illustrator living in NYC.
Check her site and her flickr.