Nawlz – Season 2

16 March 2010

Nawlz is a an online interactive comic book created by Australian artist Sutu (Stu Campbell) that combines text, illustration, music, animation and interactivity into a bizarre panoramic web format. ‘Season 1: Distortion Reigns Supreme’ consists of 14 episodes/issues that were delivered throughout 2008-09, which resulted in an FWA award. ‘Season 2: Real Werld Information Breakdown’ just launched.

Atomic Attack

15 March 2010

We received a note from Calvin Ho, a designer/ illustrator/ dj originally from Sydney, now based in Hong Kong.

Inka Järvinen

11 March 2010

Inka is a Helsinki based graphic designer and illustrator. During the daytime she works at a design agency called Werklig and with her free time she does illustrations and participates in all kinds of projects.

Demetrius May

08 March 2010

The work of Demetrius May.

Brooke Reidt

07 March 2010

Illustration by California based Brooke Reidt.

Lotta Nieminen

04 March 2010


Lotta Nieminen
is a young graphic designer and illustrator living and working in Helsinki, Finland.

Scott Campbell

03 March 2010

Scott Campbell is a designer, illustrator, printmaker, and musician from New Orleans.

Scott Hassell

03 March 2010

Scott Hassell is an illustrator from LA. See more of his work in the latest Faesthetic (#12) and the upcoming issue of vis/res (#2).

Juan Weiss

01 March 2010

Juan Weiss is a designer/illustrator from Buenos Aires.


15 February 2010

Studiofolk is Denis Carrier, a graphic designer/illustrator based in France.