16 April 2010

Them-And-Us 1

Them-And-Us 2

Paradise Lost


Them-And-Us is an initiative aimed at bringing together 20 European and 20 African visual artists, designers, illustrators and photographers. The project aims to explore the similarities and differences between first and third world views and aesthetics by pairing up artists from Europe with their African counterparts.

Through a series of 20 double sided posters, artists were invited to explore the notion of ‘Them–And–Us’ and the broader theme of tolerance (or intolerance).  Them–And–Us is curated by South African design studio, disturbance, Stockholm resident and graphic designer, Noel Pretorius and British designer/writer Adrian Shaughnessy who wrote and edited the accompanying publication.

Johannes Breyer

13 April 2010


Johannes Breyer is a young Zurich based graphic designer.

Studio Sport

12 April 2010



Zurich based designers Studio Sport.


20 March 2010

Really nice poster and book design from Florian Lamm, an artist based in Leipzig, Germany.

Lotta Nieminen

04 March 2010


Lotta Nieminen
is a young graphic designer and illustrator living and working in Helsinki, Finland.

Typo/Graphic Posters

19 February 2010

Large collection of nice posters. Site designed quite nicely as well.


08 February 2010

Gorgeous work sent in from the new Sydney-based design studio Toben, run by Katja Hartung & Thorsten Kulp.

Handpulled for Haiti

03 February 2010


Handpulled for Haiti opens this Thursday at the lobby of the Wieden+Kennedy Portland office, designed by the folks in the W+K Studio. All proceeds from sales at the event will benefit MercyCorp, and W+K will do a dollar-to-dollar match.

Ingmar Spiller

29 January 2010



The work of Ingmar Spiller.


28 January 2010

A new issue of the creative magazine BATTERIEnext is out now. Issue 19 comes with 12 A1-posters and is centered around the theme “emptiness”. You can get the complete set (hand-signed and limited to 100 copies) at