New photo gallery from Kim Høltermand… really cool subject matter.


I recently saw Zana Briski’s amazing documentary Born into Brothels, which won the 2005 Academy Award for best documentary. Pictured above is a photo of one of the amazingly talented students Zana taught to in Calcutta’s red light district. After this documentary, Zana went on to found Kids with Cameras, whose purpose is to give hope to under-priviledged children through art. I think this amazing movie and this fantastic project deserve all the exposure it can get, hence why I’m posting this today.

Force Twelve

04 July 2008

Force Twelve

Nice update from the australian graphic designer Adam Gibson aka ForceTwelve

Destroy everything

29 June 2008

Yann Gross

25 June 2008



Fantastic portraits of beards and wrestlers from Switzerland.



15 June 2008


Nice snapshots.

Gabriel Jones Irhann

Brooklyn-based, french-canadian photographer, Gabriel Jones has a new show opening this Thursday entitled “Irhann”, a playful and mysterious look into failed nuclear weaponry. June 12, 6-9pm at the Priska Juschika Gallery, 547 West 27th Street, New York, NY.

Mores McWreath

28 May 2008


Mores McWreath makes some great artwork.

Jónas Valtýsson

27 May 2008


Great dark and rugged portfolio from Jónas Valtýsson – Iceland. Most of his projects seem to be from school, which is pretty amazing.

Design Soldier

20 May 2008

Design Soldier

Check this swiss designer.