Dan McPharlin

25 December 2008




Dan McPharlin builds miniature analog synths and audio equipment. All models are meticulously hand-crafted from cardboard. View the full set. For more on the process, and other projects he’s involved in, check out this interview.


Matthew Dent is the 26-year-old who won the competition to design Britain’s new coinage. There’s a good interview at Creative Review about his experience on the project.

Steve Albini interview

23 April 2008


Great interview from TSOYA with Steve Albini (responsible for arguably the best production in music – i.e. Nirvana, Pixies, Don Caballero, etc). Kind of long, but really worth the listen.

Here’s an excerpt:

“There was one really industrious fellow who collected a jar with his phlegm, and saturated a brick with it, and threw the brick at me.”

And if you’re interested to read about the process in which major labels rape the music industry, check out this poignant article by Albini: “The Problem With Music“.

Susan Bradley interview

26 February 2008


Interview with one of Pixar’s graphic designers.