Ritzelle Cayabyab

23 December 2008




Work / Play / Design / with Ritz is the work of recent graduate Ritzelle Cayabyab. I’m especially digging the New York Fashion Week posters.

Falko Ohlmer

22 December 2008




Got a note from Falko Ohlmer the other day. He is working in Hamburg, Germany and he has some excellent work in his portfolio. Also check out the little clothing label he runs called le sucre. Thanks for the link!

Cornwell Design

20 December 2008




Great work from Australian designers Cornwell

The Pressure

19 December 2008






My buddy Adam Garcia representin’ down in Philly. Thanks again for the Tribe shirt.

Miika Saksi

18 December 2008



Freelance illustrator Miika Saksi from Helsinki.

Flowing Rhythm

My family heritage comes from an island off the coast of Denmark called Funan, also the home of Hans Christian Andersen. To designers this medium sized island is most notably where the contemporary mobile began.

Mobiles originated in Denmark as a traditional craft. In 1954 they were reinterpreted and shown in a modern light by the “Uromager”, otherwise known as Christian Flensted. His nickname translates into something like “maker of things mischievous and always on the move”. Those wacky Danes (remember these are my people).

This abstract home decoration is an inspiration for adults and children alike. Gift givers seeking a unique and fun item that brings a new feel to any space and a smile to any face, will be thrilled to see the choices offered at Seattle boutique store, Eurostyle Your Life. They have a pretty decent number of Flensted mobiles.

Shown is “Flowing Rhythm”, created so that the elements are in constant motion while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance. Each mobile is carefully assembled, and balanced by skillful hands. They are packed so that they are ready to hang.  They also ship incredibly well.


Obama ’08: Logo Runner-Ups

15 December 2008

Interesting look into the development of the Obama ’08 logo. Sol Sender led the creative team with designers Andy Keene and Amanda Gentry. Sender is now working as a strategist at VSA Partners here in Chicago, where this video was filmed. A detailed walk-through of the design process can also be seen over at LogoDesignLove.

MacBook EnvelopeMacBook Envelope Detail

How many people do you know with laptops now? How many take care of them? Why not help them along with this unisex, modern, well-crafted and low profile laptop case. While you’re at it pick one of for yourself because the price is right AND so is the style. It is also a green product.

Designed by a Brooklyn up and comer, Fern Fiddle Head (also a food), this MacBook “envelope” is a nice alternative to the other foam-like designs out there. It is available on Etsy (if you do not know what Etsy is yet then please follow the link and check it out as it is pretty much one of the coolest and most innovative communities to happen in this decade).

About this product:


Made from a green wool
Lined with green cotton
Padded with cotton fill for extra softness
Closes with a black hemp string twisted around two brown buttons


Spot clean recommended but can be machine washed in cool water, air dry
Iron as needed


This envelope is very sturdy
Seams are reinforced for extra strength

Géraldine Georges

10 December 2008






Nice combination of illustration and photography from Géraldine Georges.


09 December 2008




Brilliant motion and design agency from Buenos Aires. BRAVO.