Kokoro & Moi

08 May 2009

Kokoro & Moi

Kokoro & Moi

One of my favorite Finnish design studios, Kokoro & Moi have updated their site with some new work.  Focusing mainly on branding and brand development, this innovative yet playful duo never seem to dissappoint.  Via: Swiss Legacy

Normal Bias

08 May 2009

Normal Bias is an experimental art & design house based in England.

Image shown-
Design / Art Direction: Normal Bias
Illustration: Christophe Remy

Sarah Kissell

06 May 2009


In this small, weird corner of the US we have some huge talent thanks to MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design), the Walker Art Center, and a few other magnetic poles of design. You can add Sarah Kissell to that list now. Sarah pushes craft to an obsessive level and shows the value that good photography can bring to design.

Sarah Kissell

Andreas Pihlström

06 May 2009

Andreas Pihlstrom

Update of the design studio Suprb based in Stockholm, very good work !


05 May 2009

Negro (Ariel Di Lisio and Gustavo Borges) from Argentina got in touch the other day introducing their new font Marzo. There is lots of fantastic work on their site.

Andreas Banderas

03 May 2009

Andreas Banderas from Oslo, Norway. Anything that has a cat with rollerblades on generally deserves a post.

Quote: Tschichold

01 May 2009


I revisited some notes I had written in response to reading Anne Burdick’s essay “Neomania” published in Emigre 24. I like to go back to essays like that whenever I feel pressured or overwhelmed to be a certain type of designer. I think most of us can relate to that sort of desperation. Reading an essay or even the newspaper can help assuage our creative frustration and bring a steady footing when “the rapid turnover dizzies the Rational Functionalist in each of us.” (Which we should like to keep steadied, right?)

/ M / A / S / H /

30 April 2009

Mash was founded in 2002 in Adelaide, Australia by Dom Roberts and James Brown, and they’re frickin’ awesome.

On Pedder

30 April 2009





On Pedder is a fashion store in Hong Kong. They’ve been putting out a nice catalog called “Pedderzine.” The 5th and most recent zine (SP/SU 09) is based on the US $5 bill.

Jan Feliks Kallwejt

29 April 2009