Bang-Yao Liu

26 June 2009

I found this amazing video by Bang-Yao Liu via Font Feed that is a must-see for everyone.


He contrasted African time to European time and also to Asian time. He said that in the 19th century, mankind had come to terms with space, and that the great question of the 20th was the coexistence of the different concepts of time.

-Sans soleil (1983)

I don’t encounter very much Japanese design on the web, especially design from the early 20th century. So much of Japan seems hidden. That being said, here’s an amazing collection of book and magazine covers from that era.


25 June 2009

I’m really impressed with all the work coming out of the University of Brighton recently. They just sent us an email with a link to GDI’09, a website showcasing work from the 2009 graduates of BA(Hons) Graphic Design & BA(Hons) Illustration. There’s mounds of great work there. Check them out on Vimeo as well.

David Pearson

24 June 2009


Some beautiful, classic typographic book covers and jackets by David Pearson.

Benbo George

24 June 2009

Weird/cool art from Benbo George out of the UK.

Malte Metag

24 June 2009

Malte Metag from Hamburg launches his new site.

Xavier Encinas

23 June 2009

Xavier Encinas

Update of Xavier Encinas website, french Art Director living and working in Vancouver, BC.

Joel Evey

22 June 2009

Joel Evey has a new site with some new work up. Thanks for the link!

why not smile

19 June 2009

Independent studio of New York-based Hoon Kim.


18 June 2009

João Oliveira, aka ONREPEAT, updates. Really really love this redesign of Gustave Flaubert’s book “Dictionary of Received Ideas.”