Kimberley Chan

28 January 2010

Kimberley Chan is in her third year at the University of Lincoln. Thanks for the email.

Chevychase Design Studio

28 January 2010

Quality work out of Stockholm. Pretty great name too.

Jessica Walsh

26 January 2010

The very talented Jessica Walsh just relaunched. Thanks for the email.

2009 Feltron Annual Report

26 January 2010


26 January 2010

Sean Freeman updates. Thanks for the tip Xavier.

Paper Vs Pencil

22 January 2010

Really nice work from Jesse Brown out of Seattle. Been a while since we’ve heard from the Pacific Northwest – thanks for the email.

Belinda Chen

19 January 2010

Gorgeous work from Belinda Chen – artist currently based in Berlin. Thanks for the email.

Felicity Case-Mejia

18 January 2010

Felicity Case-Mejia is a designer/illustrator based in Melbourne. Thanks for the email.

Ylva Lindberg

18 January 2010

Swedish designer Ylva Lindberg.

We Are Always Here

15 January 2010





New site and work from the NYC studio of London-based creative agency exposure.