15 February 2010

Studiofolk is Denis Carrier, a graphic designer/illustrator based in France.


13 February 2010

Jeffrey Meyer sent over a link to his vast collection of collage art.

Monsieur L’agent

11 February 2010


New website and new artists of the french creative agencie Monsieur L’Agent.

Here I Go

09 February 2010

Here I Go is Alberto Hernández, a Spanish designer working in London.


08 February 2010

Gorgeous work sent in from the new Sydney-based design studio Toben, run by Katja Hartung & Thorsten Kulp.

PNTS updates

08 February 2010

PNTS, out of Grenoble, France, updates.

Romain Lenancker

03 February 2010

Romain Lenancker from France updates.

Ingmar Spiller

29 January 2010



The work of Ingmar Spiller.


28 January 2010

A new issue of the creative magazine BATTERIEnext is out now. Issue 19 comes with 12 A1-posters and is centered around the theme “emptiness”. You can get the complete set (hand-signed and limited to 100 copies) at

Kimberley Chan

28 January 2010

Kimberley Chan is in her third year at the University of Lincoln. Thanks for the email.