Dollar Rede$ign

14 September 2010

Organized by Richard Smith, the Dollar ReDe$ign Project hopes to bring about change for everyone. They want to rebrand the US Dollar, rebuild financial confidence and revive our failing economy. The specific design above was created by Dowling | Duncan, a design studio in San Francisco and England.

Yomar Augusto

07 September 2010

The work of Brasilian Yomar Augusto, who is now living and working in Holland, includes various interesting typefaces. He recently gave a lecture in Rio de Janeiro, where I attended and discovered that he designed the typeface Unity used in Adidas collateral throughout the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Wood McGrath

03 September 2010

Wood McGrath is a Graphic Design & Art Direction consultancy founded in 2007 by Suzy Wood & Martin McGrath.

Boo Davis

31 August 2010

Seattle designer, Boo Davis, released her new book today featuring her really amazing quilt designs called ‘Dare to Be Square‘.

Papa Issue

27 August 2010

Papa Issue gathers talents from the Latin world.

Brian Eno‘s new record drops Nov 2, and with it, this gorgeous limited edition box set. Design, art direction & photography by Nick Robertson (website unknown). Available for pre-order from Bleep.

fg branddesign

23 August 2010

fg branddesign is a small studio based in Stuttgart, Germany. I’m digging their work for Avantgarde Acoustic, shown above.

Thomas Traum has designed 25 amazing 3D renderings for this years “Most Beautiful Swiss Books” in collaboration with Carl Burgess and Laurenz Brunner.

The way Traum’s 3D kitsch interplay with Brunner’s occult-like multi-column layout works rather nicely. The overall effect – glossy renderings opposite dense blackness – feels appropriate for something that can risk being perversely self referential.

If I could only find a copy of Bryce 3D…maybe all these American design annuals would be a little more interesting.

Tae Won Yu

17 August 2010

One of my earliest influences in design is none other than Tae Won Yu. His work for the Olympia, WA music scene circa the 90′s showed me design could be both playful and expressive. Looking at his work challenged me to break down boundaries I was taught in school. From Built to Spill’s ‘Perfect From Now On’ to Versus latest release, ‘On the One’s and Threes’, Tae continues to remind me why I love to do what I do.

William Ricketts

17 August 2010

Will Ricketts from the UK puts up a new site.