Diner Journal

22 January 2011

Diner Journal is a quarterly publication of esoteric recipes, food writing, illustration and culture loosely based around a theme. There’s a chicken issue, a Vermont issue (with beautiful cheese cloth pattern endpapers), etc. This magazine is proof that we can still find substance and value in print today. The whole thing feels like a tightrope walk between careful, considered design and a haphazard lovingly sloppy zine aesthetic. The paper stock varies, but is always nice. The illustrations are beautiful. Best of all, it’s three hole punched so you can put it in some nerdy binder. You would.

Issue 11, art directed by Derick Holt

The magazine is affiliated with the Brooklyn restaurant/butcher/shop Marlow & Sons. A lot of the issues (as well as the Marlow & Sons identity) was created by Derick Holt. The latest issue, a rambling collection of “How-to” articles and illustrations, was art directed by August Hefner (who is ALSO great, btw). Buy em up and hold on to them!

Pete Rossi

21 January 2011

Pete Rossi is a designer from Glasgow, working at El Studio. Thanks for the email.

The Colour Clock

21 January 2011

The Colour Clock is a screensaver which represents time as a hexadecimal color value. Sent to us by Jack Hughes.

Work Magazine / LA Hall

20 January 2011

Celebrating its third issue today, Work Magazine is a quarterly concept-based fashion, art and design magazine presenting work from both emerging and established artists. Editor in chief Gloria Noto and design direction by LA Hall.

Bráulio Amado

20 January 2011

Bráulio Amado is an illustrator/designer from Portugal. Thanks for the submit.

Jaunted Haunts Press releases 4 new albums this month. Two from lo-fi-fuzz-master Ampersand. One from improvisational trio Benguela and a reissue of Givan Lötz‘ Easy Now.

Jaunted Haunts Press was founded in 2008 by Righard Kapp, in an effort to formalise the output of his \/#/ cd-r imprint, which in itself was a continuation of where his original One Minute Trolley Dash label left off. Within three years the label’s output has grown to 5 albums, all of which have received considerable acclaim from respected writers such as Richard Haslop and Lloyd Gedye.

The label aims to release music that will stand the test of time, from singular artists who dare to follow their own creative path. Physical releases are packaged in limited edition silkscreened sleeves, while as of late the music is also available in digital format, not so limited edition.

Lucas Rampazzo

25 October 2010

The work of Lucas Rampazzo of São Paulo, Brasil.

Google Earth + Saudi Arabia

05 October 2010

Interesting images of unconsciously made design in Saudi Arabia via Google Earth. More images here.

David Oscroft

17 September 2010

David Oscroft recently re-designed and re-launched his site, and added a blog of photography as well.

Gabriel Andermatt

15 September 2010

Gabriel Andermatt from Zoug, Switzerland recently launched his site.