Benoit Santiard

12 March 2009

benoit santiard

benoit santiard

Type design “Capitale” by Benoit Santiard

Chicago’s Ukranian Village is home to a fabulous independent label which goes by the name HBSP-2X. This record by DRMWPN was recently released in a limited vinyl edition run of just 100 copies with silk-screened sleeves. And bonus points for band name vowel removal as well as sigil appearances. Safe!

excerpt: side a

excerpt: side b

Originally intended to be an outlet to showcase the more Dionysian improvisational impulses of the core members of Town & Country (Ben Vida, Jim Dorling, Liz Payne, Ben Abrams), DRMWPN has grown into an amorphous collective that at any given show may include Michael Zerang, Emmett Kelly, Rob AA Lowe, or any other number of Chicago’s free rock/jazz/experimental luminaries among its ranks.

See the label’s site for purchase info.


03 March 2009


Momorobo. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are just ok.

practice makes “perfect”

16 February 2009


Kerning is one of those few things in graphic design that still takes a lot of practice. Now that every living designer on earth has an iphone (really?) you can practice your craft with this iphone app. Maybe someone will make an app that simulates the lost art of paste-ups.

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31 January 2009


Netdiver’s annual roundup of the year’s best work is up – BOTY 08. Our own Sara Haraigue has been featured. Nice work Sara!


22 January 2009




I haven’t posted for quite a while, so may I wish a belated happy new year to all the readers of TSA, and everyone involved behind the scenes.

Kicking things off with some nice work from Barcelona based Ruiz

James Meyer, Culture Hero 2, 2008, Ink and gesso on paper, 30 x 44 inches

Culture Hero“, a solo exhibition of paintings and works on paper by veteran artist James Meyer opens, Thursday January 8 in New York City at the Morgan Lehman Gallery in the Chelsea arts district. It is not to be missed.

A unique body of work, the “Culture Hero” exhibit features pieces in black and white that are reminiscent of constellations in space. Imagine lying on a hill one dark evening staring into the stars and you see a boy crying, then another child shushing you and yet another, balancing on a rope.

Emotions work in complex ways that as adults we often fail to acknowledge. The open hearts of children frequently show us how precious every instinctive state of mind is. They also show us the joy in being. This presentation of seemingly simple content is in actuality revealing of the challenges of being an adult in todays culture. We all need a hero, why not our own inner child?

For more information and images from the exhibition, please visit :

Andy Mangold

20 December 2008




Andy Mangold, MICA Student

Internet Phone

Not too into the open mic situation when using Skype? Nostalgic for the good ole’ days of land lines? Inspired by all the free James Bond movies showing lately in the On Demand section of digital cable? This internet phone is the ideal present for your cyber-saavy friends with the gift of gab (also a famous musician)… and its the perfect blue (also a famous anime).


It’s for you! Listen, VOIP technology is super awesome, letting you use your computer to keep in touch. But we’ve got just the thing: the Internet Phone, an old school styled phone receiver that conveniently plugs into the 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks on your computer.

This item is available at Urban Outfitters.

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Zeha Berlin Oxfords

For the men out there who dare to pick up clothing gifts for their female partner, the Zeha Berlin Oxfords are a beautifully designed classic. This is a mans oxford made for a woman. They have the feminine twist of gradient tone from grey into brown.

Imagine them with a Charles and Victoria draped pencil skirt, cotton wool blend tights and a geometric jacket by Naum. Accessorize with thick knitwear by Mischa Lampert so even the coolest winter day will feel cozy and bright.

You can purchase the Zeha Berlin Oxfords at LAMBSEAR Shoe Boutique in the hipster city Seattle for a significantly lower price than other boutiques.