Matt Hunter Ross

17 June 2009

Matt Hunter Ross makes motion graphics. He also posted sketches to show how he works.

In an expression of the inexpressible

From the first visuals featured on rock and roll record sleeves through contemporary music videos and magazines, graphic design has played and integral role in visualizing music.

For instance, Andy Warhol’s artwork for the Velvet Underground and Peter Saville’s iconic Joy Division album covers are forever burned in our collective cultural memory as images synonymous with the music.

In An Expression of the Inexpressible features contemporary international designers whose work showcases the current interactions of music and design.

This exhibition features art, graphic design and video works by Stefan Sagmeister, Non-Format, Karlssonwilker, Mike Mills, Trevor Jackson, Yokoland, Sara Haraigue, Mario Hugo, RD Granados, Stereotype Design, Standard Motion, Si Scott, Sonnenzimmer, Roger Bova, Shannon McGlothin, Jean Jullien, Hannah Waldron, Mike Little, Chris Rubino and Géraldine Georges.


August 7—27, 2009
Opening reception: Friday, August 7th, 5pm—9pm
Dean Johnson Gallery, Indianapolis IN
More info here

'Fold' by United Nude

'Fold' by United Nude

It is just a guess that mathematician August F. Möbius never foresaw his algebraic equation for the curious Mobius Strip, becoming an inspiration for the smart shoe designed by Rem D. Koolhaas, called ‘Fold’.

Found in the classic collection at United Nude, conceptually ‘Fold’ is the fluent movement of a single piece of elastic fabric. Anyone who appreciates wearing shoes will understand this translates into comfort beyond ones expectations.

The shoes mixture of elastic, PVC, carbon fiber, and occasionally rubber, allow it to bend while enclosing your foot inside a compact shape of lasting support.

It’s an ideal way to carry your feet in public. Alas it is only for women.


With the UN Climate Change Summit approaching in December, participants of the Cannes Young Lions competition were given 48 hours to create an ad for Oxfam GB reminding everyone to save the world from the effects of climate change. The competition is via YouTube and there are some good ones there. The video above is one of my favorites.

Olof Bruce

17 May 2009

Olof Bruceinvisible cities

Thee Oh Sees: Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion

The first I heard of this record was earlier this year when HBSP-2X served it up in a batch of yellow vinyl. It’s been on heavy rotation ever since I brought it home. Stripped down, well crafted goodness: it’s a trusted and therapeutic companion to the most sardonic aspects of one’s mind.

The original edition was released by Tomlab and is still available a bunch of places online, including Boomkat. Both offerings feature a DVD presenting the group in a variety of non-performance settings ranging from a forest by the highway, a boardwalk by the ocean, to some dude’s (or dudette’s) plant filled kitchen.

Here’s a few of the tracks, in their entirety.

Gilded Cunt
Island Raiders
Block Of Ice
Make Them Kiss
Ghost In The Trees

Zander Blom

08 May 2009


View The Travels of Bad online.

photo: Ellen Tongzhou Zhao

photo: Ellen Tongzhou Zhao

La Force de l'art @ Grand Palais

photo: Ellen Tongzhou Zhao

La Force de l'art @ Grand Palais

photo: Ellen Tongzhou Zhao

La Force de l'art @ Grand Palais

photo: Ellen Tongzhou Zhao

La Force de l'art @ Grand Palais

photo: Ellen Tongzhou Zhao

La Force de l'art @ Grand Palais

photo: Ellen Tongzhou Zhao

La Force de l’art 02, French Trienniale of art. Exhibition design by Philippe Rahm… maybe it should be renamed “La Force de l’architecture”?

REX New Website

08 April 2009





Here are the four most recent additions to our collection. Meet Matter, Merriam, Morricone, and Pineapple.
And here’s a closer look at one of mine, Morricone…