Jessica Williams

05 July 2011


Jessica Williams graduated from the University of the Arts in London and now resides in Munich working for IDEO. Her work makes me insanely jealous.

Emily Keegin

17 May 2011

A little break after being busy but I’m hopefully back on a regular basis. This is Emily Keegin. She does some wonderful things with objects and a camera.

Mikey Burton was asked by the Art Directors Club to design/illustrate the spring paper expo poster. It’s rad.

Some really nice prints from Tim Gough’s Uncontrollabel Urge show.

Camp Firebelly 2011

18 April 2011

Firebelly Design is inviting the brightest and most talented design students + recent grads to join forces inside their Chicago studio. Ten campers will be accepted for Camp Firebelly 2011 to come together in advancing their skills + visions into tangible social good.

Camp Firebelly connects fresh talent with real nonprofits in need. This is a rare opportunity for young designers to develop their professional skills and build work that will change a nonprofit’s future forever. As well, campers will benefit from the networking and visibility that comes from time and work spent with the Firebelly Fam.

Coming from a former Camper (Class of ’08), CFB is an amazing opportunity / experience for both students and recent grads alike.

Pick up your application right here.

Some remarkable and dreamlike landscapes by Douglas Lyle Thompson.


While we’re on the video kick. This is gorgeous. Mild genitalia involved for those at work with no office feng shui.

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Today Mark Pernice joins the ever growing TSA contributor list. I was first introduced to Mark through his ingenious photo booth mask, and later discovered, in addition to creating bizarre/hilarious art, he’s also an exceptional designer. He lives in Brooklyn. Welcome.

Firebelly Design

16 March 2011

Firebelly Install Process at Pratt Institute from Firebelly Design on Vimeo.

“A super-talented team of patient listeners, genius problem solvers and forward-thinking designers,” Firebelly Design is well known for creating “Good Design For Good Reason.” Presented as a hanging collage, this sculpture takes a moment to look back on the last 12 years of work at the firm—and was presented at the Pratt Institute in November of 2010.

Artists Mirjam Linschooten (Netherlands/France) and Sameer Farooq (Canada) examine Istanbul by collecting objects, and exibiting them in their “museum of found objects” (installation, catalog, and website)- “an archaeology of the present,” as they say.
A Toronto version is also on their site.