Toan Vu-Huu

15 September 2008


08 September 2008

The Penrose Annual

08 September 2008

photo by acejet 170

The Penrose Annual was a hefty hard-cover bound annual that covered the latest and greatest print technology from 1895 to 1982. If you can get one on eBay, do so. Many issues are packed with dozens of color plates, special inks, embossings and other ephemera that exhibit the brilliant craft of the pressman. The 1938 edition by Jan Tschichold is particularly desirable…

More photos by ACEJET 170


19 August 2008


Nice adhesive stickers at Gecko. Images above from Geckonidae; an exhibit in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil featuring stickers from guest artists/designers.


The Official Ferrari Magazine

The Official Ferrari Magazine

My neighbor just shared with me a copy of Ferrari’s new official magazine. At just under $400 for an annual subscription (free for Ferrari owners), this 180 page 330 x 220mm magazine is a fine piece of print and design.

Techno Tree

07 July 2008

techno tree

A family tree of techno illustrated by the amazing Si Scott. To be released on the music inspired fashion label Electronic Poet.

Estudio Rosa Lazaro

28 June 2008


Some more ridiculously nice and clean work this time from Barcelona based Estudio Rosa Lazaro.

Adriaan Hugo

26 June 2008

adriaan hugo

The two-dimensional-effect lights of this Bloemfontein-born designer – inspired by modernist NG Kerk architecture and early 1930s graphic design.

the Jean Spezial

09 June 2008


yay my first post !

I wanted it to be special , so here you go , those guys are so special …
This is a collective of french illustrators , they’ve got a new website wich is really cool so have a look at their AMAZING work HERE

I hope you enjoy

Word and Number live!!

08 June 2008


For you Chicago peeps. . . my band is having a show.  Here’s what we sound like.  Come out and get your ears tickled!