Zhang Qingyun

21 December 2012

Zhang Qingyun is a graphic designer and illustrator from Chengdu, China. He has studied graphic design at FIT in New York and Camberwell College of Arts in London, and has been freelancing in both fields since 2009. Having worked at Two Twelve, Mother New York and Matic, Zhang has the skill and experience of executing projects for both big corporations like Google, JCPenny, and smaller boutiques and institutions like Maison Gerard and ReVision Arts. His work has been included in several exhibitions in both New York and London, most recently Metamorphosis exhibition organized by ReVision Arts.

A little trivia, Zhang is actually his last name.

Check out some of his other work here. www.zzhhaanngg.com

Capitol Butter Dish!

21 August 2012

Capitol Butter Dish from ODLCO on Vimeo.


I love this.
Some of you may remember my posts a few months back about the brilliant Wabi Nabe cast iron pot from Chicago design brand ODLCO. They’ve recently redesigned their site and launched their new product, the Capitol Butter dish, by Morgan Carter – just in time for the political season. Made of 100% white porcelain, it’s charming and stately – rather unlike anyone in political news at the moment.

Referencing the token building souvenirs you might find when visiting DC, but made with the attentive hand of a craftsman, the Capitol Butter Dish takes a stately presence on your table while serving the lowly job of butter dish. And, the front lawn performs dual service as a knife rest.

On sale now at ODLCO.com



09 July 2012

PATTEN is a new studio based in Madrid.

If you have any self-respect as a designer, get on this. That is all.

This book has been doing the rounds a bit, but I’m still swooning so incase you haven’t seen it – Current State: Snowboarding is a book that compiles some of the most prominent individuals and images of snowboarding´s past three decades.

450 pages thick and made up from two interconnected books, it features interviews with 23 of the culture’s most influential characters in an attempt to paint a picture of snowboarding’s current state.

Written, Edited and Designed by David Benedek.

Jacob Whibley

31 May 2012

Jacob Whibley from Toronto

Errors in Production is an ongoing collection of a variety of products with individual manufacturing errors. – Heike Bollig

Here’s a preview of the very soon to be released Gratuitous Type issue #2. Lock the bedroom door, dim the lights and feast your aesthetically tuned eyes to many buxom beauties of design and type. Then hide it back under your bed so your parents don’t find it.

Dogs in Cars by Keith Hopkin

12 December 2011

Dogs (not in hot) Cars


The Special Danger

03 October 2011

In The Special Danger Givan Lötz draws attention to conflated notions of Death, Sex, and Spirituality. Owing to a philosophical reading of the Ecstatic Experience, Lötz measures the ethics of Eroticism up against the aesthetics of Prohibition, suggesting a form of reasoning without boundaries. From Lötz’s perspective, without Prohibition there can be no transgression and therefore no Eroticism.

The ubiquitous relationship between proximity and promiscuity in relation to Eroticism and Prohibition is unpacked in The Special Danger, manifested in four interrelated pictorial concepts pertaining to birth, Sex, and Death. A fifth central sculptural concept is included and given the tentative and simultaneous role of the overseer and offender, also acting as an anchoring agent for the display of the entire narrative. In all, the five concepts include: The Ecstatic Experience, Death & Danger, Sex Death, Eroticism & Perversion, and Sacred Boundaries & Transgression.