[excerpt from waterfootprint.org]
Virtual water content – The virtual-water content of a product (a commodity, good or service) is the volume of freshwater used to produce the product, measured at the place where the product was actually produced (production-site definition). It refers to the sum of the water use in the various steps of the production chain.

The Virtual Water Project
The Virtual Water poster was designed by Timm Kekeritz

Stephanie DeArmond

12 June 2008


Stephanie´s ceramic artwork is really charming and beautiful.
Visit her site now.


12 June 2008

Ryu Itadani

09 June 2008


Really cool illustrations from a Japan born and based  artist.
Ryu Itadani.

Tauba Auerbach

04 June 2008


Nice typographic treatment.
Visit her.


04 June 2008


San Fransisco based illustrator Matt Furie.

Big Fat Whale

03 June 2008


I bookmarked this site a long time ago, followed his work for some months and slowly I left it behind with the rest of the links in my bookmark. Some weeks ago I re-discoverd this site while I was searching for another link and I started reading again Brian Mc Fadden´s comics, which are simply great.
I hope you enjoy them as well.

Will Bryant

29 May 2008


22 year-old graphic design student from Mississipi State University.
Click here to visit his website.

Design Soldier

20 May 2008

Design Soldier

Check this swiss designer.