09 April 2012

From Haifa, Israel, Unga.


06 December 2011

Sebastián Cáceres a.k.a Gutiërrez is a graphic designer and photographer from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Anna Higgie

21 June 2011

Anna Higgie, artist, illustrator. Currently living and working in Barcelona.”

Marina Grechanik

22 February 2011

Marina is an instant drawing Polaroid that sketches and illustrates everywhere, with whatever material available.
It is amazing how easily she understands the essence of the everyday life and then translate it into the paper.

Papa Issue

27 August 2010

Papa Issue gathers talents from the Latin world.



Created to celebrate the seven teams that have triumphed at the world’s biggest football tournament, Umbro’s World Champions Collection brings in a team of top designers to create a new badge for their home nation.

From my home country my good friend Martín Albornoz a.k.a. Bruster Special was invited to represent us.
The message is about “that match in 1950, known as ‘el maracanazo’. a ‘before and after’ in uruguayan and brasilian football.  it was the last match that brasilian team played with white t shirt, they had all the celebrations prepared, it was a unique moment in which a complete stadium remained in silence,  it was an opportunity where uruguay showed to the world that a small country can beat a bigger one.”

Cheers on the project! Cheers on the World Cup!
Check more here and also here.


03 February 2010




Incredible hand-made job by fellow countryman Nicolás Sanchez a.k.a Alfalfa.
This was commissioned by “El Viajero Hostel” in Manantiales, near Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Talita Hoffmann

22 January 2010



Talita Hoffmann (1988) is a brazilian artist that works primarily with drawing and painting on paper, developing a dream like universe inspired on nature and its different connections and relations. Has showed her work on different group shows, on places like São Paulo, California, Barcelona and Helsinki, and in 2009 has had her first solo show at Museu do Trabalho, in Porto Alegre – where she currently works and lives.”

Ludovic Balland

12 January 2010


Once in a while I check Ludovic’s work, which I am a big fan.
I am surprised that nobody (me included) in TSA posted him before, shame on us!

Rocío Cañero

05 January 2010





Incredibly talented and nice spanish illustrator living in NYC.
Check her site and her flickr.