Great work by motion designer Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau from Montreal.


31 May 2008


Gusto is the design partnership of Fanny Garcia & Jack Usine. Great attention to typography in all of their projects. Also, make sure you visit Jack’s personal type foundry, Smeltery, which offers a lot of beautiful free fonts.


24 May 2008


Really nice and clean work from Australia’s There.


YWFT are curating a poster gallery at typecon again this year. They are looking for your best poster work that has excellent usage of type on it. It can be the main focus, or minor. They will be displaying the best submissions and the poster show will most likely travel, like the last one did. There unfortunately doesn’t seem to be any prizes but it sure is good exposure.


21 May 2008


Artless is an art and design agency based in Tokyo. Simply stunning work.


21 May 2008


Rita, a multidisciplinary studio based out of Montreal, have recently updated their portfolio. Great work spanning a lot of disciplines.

JRP Ringier

20 May 2008


Working in the editorial industry myself, I can certainly appreciate a publishing house who values great design. JRP Ringier based in Switzerland is obviously one of those.

Concepts for all

16 May 2008


Brainchild of one of my old teachers at UQAM, Nelu Wolfensohn, Concepts For All is a free image bank for humanitarian causes. Each semester, students from Mr. Wolfensohn’s class will be asked to make new images for the image bank. Absolutely brilliant idea.

Studio feed

16 May 2008


Hello all. My first post will also be about a hometown favorite, Studio Feed. Thoughtful, smart and clean work. They pretty much do the kind work every designer would love to be doing in my opinion.