Ode to Carl

23 February 2011

Ode to Carl is the newest KickStarter project from Bud Rodecker. This series of interpretive posters are fresh off the Typeforce2 show in Chicago. The project is off to a great start, but pledge $30 and get a poster of your choice from the series.

Rachel de Joode

15 February 2011

No one person can explain Rachel de Joode’s work better than herself. “I decipher human existence through sculpture, installation, performance and photography. Circling around the mystification of everyday life, my work is characterized in terms of Magical Realism.” Enjoy.

WSDIA | WeShouldDoItAll

25 January 2011

WSDIA is a Brooklyn-based graphic, interactive, and architecture multi-disciplinary design studio. WSDIA designs, develops and mediates interactive, print, motion and architecture projects for a diverse group of clients in a wide array of professions.

Work Magazine / LA Hall

20 January 2011

Celebrating its third issue today, Work Magazine is a quarterly concept-based fashion, art and design magazine presenting work from both emerging and established artists. Editor in chief Gloria Noto and design direction by LA Hall.

Dollar Rede$ign

14 September 2010

Organized by Richard Smith, the Dollar ReDe$ign Project hopes to bring about change for everyone. They want to rebrand the US Dollar, rebuild financial confidence and revive our failing economy. The specific design above was created by Dowling | Duncan, a design studio in San Francisco and England.

Wood McGrath

03 September 2010

Wood McGrath is a Graphic Design & Art Direction consultancy founded in 2007 by Suzy Wood & Martin McGrath.


16 July 2010


The always inspirational Build has launched their new website with lots of new work. Check it out.

Pete Dungey

13 July 2010



Pete is a graduating Graphic Design student at the University of Brighton working for print, installation and web.

Bleepin’ Golden

07 July 2010



The great people over at Thirst are kind of obsessed with Chicago’s former governor. He’s like a train wreck you can’t look away from, or that obnoxiously cute kitten video with a billion hits. So they designed two shirts in his honor. Bleepin’ Golden commemorates these famous words “I’ve got this thing, and it’s bleepin’ golden,” and Blagito features the mugshot of Chicago’s bandit-of-the-moment – Blago in bandit wear.

They’ll be sold for $20 a piece for a limited time on thirstore
No matter how the trial turns out, we’ll always have Blago’s memorable words.

2010 Grads : Batch 1

07 July 2010

A few weeks back we reached out to students from all over the world, who are graduating this year, and asked them to submit their work to our new 2010 Grads feature. We had a huge response and have been really impressed with the quality of work. Thanks to everyone who answered our call.

We’ve decided to release the Grads in batches over the next couple of months, culminating in an extended feature at the end of the Summer. Till then, please feel free to get in touch with any of these guys/gals for work placements or job offers. The doors are still open to new submissions (for a limited time) – if interested, please send your name, school, url, graduation date, and a short bio to submit [at] thestrangeattractor.net.


Chelsee Ivan : Alberta College of Art + Design

Chelsee was born in 1987 in a small Southern Albertan town. She moved to Calgary to attend the Alberta College of Art + Design and major in photography. Currently she’s living and working in Calgary. 


Gareth Dunt : Cardiff School of Art and Design

Gareth is a third year Graphic Communication student studying at the Cardiff School of Art and Design. He also writes for the creative communication blog Black Maths.


Ari Weinkle : RISD

Ari is a designer specializing in abstract vector artwork, experimental typography, and conceptual graphic design and is working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at RISD.


Kimberley Chan : Lincoln School of Art and Design

Kimberley sees herself as a multidisciplinary designer as she enjoys working within many creative fields, from screen, print or ambient media. She loves to try new things in all aspects of her life, which she feels has a positive influence on her work and overall portfolio. It is quite upbeat as she likes to incorporate a lot of colour and illustrated elements into her work.


Allison Connell : Iowa State University

Allison is originally from the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area, but has been living in Ames, Iowa to attend Iowa State University. She just graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design (and a minor in mathematics too, if you can believe it). Besides design, she enjoys bookbinding and working with her hands, as well as listening to music, eating, and enjoying beautiful weather.


Tom Peet : Northumbria University

Tom is a graphic designer living and working in Newcastle. His passion lies in typography, branding, promotional graphics and editorial design.