Audi Meets Iron Man

16 April 2010


A cool new flash site by the talented group over at Factory Design Labs in Denver promoting Iron Man 2 and the Audi R8. Showing off their Papervision 3d skills!

Selling Out

16 April 2010


An interesting infographic not only from a design perspective but also from the information it talks about. I can definitely speak from first hand experience that it is almost impossible to make a real living off of creating music.


18 December 2009


Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox

18 December 2009


Fantastic Mr. Fox was an amazing film and watching this video about how they made it makes me love it even more.

Check it out!


My buddy, Hoshi, just posted a slideshow of photos he’s taken recently with the Quadcam iPhone app. The song is “Only Pieces” by Here We Go Magic.

Check it out!


I normally wouldn’t like to post about work I’m personally involved in, but wanted to make an exception with this project as everyone on the team worked their asses off on this new site and are just now coming up for air. Make sure to check out the history section and an on going series of mini documentaries about Vision Crew members.

Bb 2.0

18 May 2009

Bb 2.0

Bb is a collaborative music project pulling in feeds from YouTube. Check it out.

Joel Trussel

13 May 2009

Joel Trussel

Awesome site that is engaging without getting in the way and illustration that is even more awesome. Check out the work of Joel Trussel.

Faesthetic #11

07 May 2009


A new issue of Faesthetic is out with the theme of “Ghost Story” and includes contributions from over 40 artists. Check it out!

Ashi Dashi Socks

05 May 2009


Hi everyone. My name is Sean and I’m new to The Strange Attractor. Pete asked me to contribute about a week ago and I couldn’t be more excited!

Anyway, I thought I’d start off with a link to the Ashi Dashi Shop. Ever since high school I’ve loved crazy socks. I have no idea why I’ve had this obsession, but seriously how could you not want a pair of meat socks?!