Thee Oh Sees: Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion

The first I heard of this record was earlier this year when HBSP-2X served it up in a batch of yellow vinyl. It’s been on heavy rotation ever since I brought it home. Stripped down, well crafted goodness: it’s a trusted and therapeutic companion to the most sardonic aspects of one’s mind.

The original edition was released by Tomlab and is still available a bunch of places online, including Boomkat. Both offerings feature a DVD presenting the group in a variety of non-performance settings ranging from a forest by the highway, a boardwalk by the ocean, to some dude’s (or dudette’s) plant filled kitchen.

Here’s a few of the tracks, in their entirety.

Gilded Cunt
Island Raiders
Block Of Ice
Make Them Kiss
Ghost In The Trees

Chicago’s Ukranian Village is home to a fabulous independent label which goes by the name HBSP-2X. This record by DRMWPN was recently released in a limited vinyl edition run of just 100 copies with silk-screened sleeves. And bonus points for band name vowel removal as well as sigil appearances. Safe!

excerpt: side a

excerpt: side b

Originally intended to be an outlet to showcase the more Dionysian improvisational impulses of the core members of Town & Country (Ben Vida, Jim Dorling, Liz Payne, Ben Abrams), DRMWPN has grown into an amorphous collective that at any given show may include Michael Zerang, Emmett Kelly, Rob AA Lowe, or any other number of Chicago’s free rock/jazz/experimental luminaries among its ranks.

See the label’s site for purchase info.