Real Normal

17 March 2009





Real Normal is a group of SAIC students posting on a blog of the same name. They will be having a big show this Friday, called “Magic Carpet” and you really must go if you are in the Chicago area. Arend (who I’ve posted here before), Aylor, Bailey and Carson create smart, young and fresh work that walks this weird little line between irreverance and familiarity.

Magic Carpet
Sullivan Galleries
33 South State Street, 7th Floor

Opening Reception March 20th, 7pm – 10pm

practice makes “perfect”

16 February 2009


Kerning is one of those few things in graphic design that still takes a lot of practice. Now that every living designer on earth has an iphone (really?) you can practice your craft with this iphone app. Maybe someone will make an app that simulates the lost art of paste-ups.

via swiss miss.

Holiday Gift Guide Part VII

13 December 2008

Inspired by Christine’s heavily hyperlinked internet phone post, I thought I would share a few things on my gift list this year. Some of this is wishful thinking (what blog-induced gift list isn’t, really?) other things are by talented friends who just happen to be selling a thing or two.


1. Reclaimed Paper Sketchbooks by Papergeist
Matt Normand has been creating these amazing sketchbooks and planners from reclaimed office paper and found LP covers. Each is unique and assembled with equal measures of wit and care.

2. Prints by Lab Partners
Ryan Mies and Sarah Labeniec both deserve full posts here (in due time!) – their work is tight and somehow they manage to make these super classy prints on the side. Check out the blog, too.

3. Anything from Tas-Ka
Much like Kiosk, but a bit less ironic. Most of the items for sale at Tas-Ka are Dutch vintage finds.

4. “Feast” Cookbook from Lines and Shapes Magazine
Besides design books, I buy cookbooks more than any other type of book. Some are more essential than others, but when it comes down to it, few cookbooks are really personal. “Feast” special edition is slipcased, signed and hand-numbered; 300 copies available.

Tyler Lang

24 November 2008


Tyler Lang updates with some new work and solid infographics.

Arend deGruyter-Helfer

24 November 2008


Arend is currently at SAIC in Chicago and has a few new pieces up on his site.

 Object Array, 2008

 Untitled Window 2, 2008

He is also probably the best youtube video dj in town.

Ben Barry

21 November 2008


Well-tempered and impecably crafted work by Texan Ben Barry.

Edit: Ben and Frank Chimero have started a new page where you can ask them any question.

Advanced Style

24 September 2008

If this blog was a 70 year old woman or man, would it have as much style as these people? It should hope so.

The masthead on Advanced Style says it all: “Proof from the wizened and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age.”

advanced style

Stephen Eichhorn

23 September 2008

“Chicago-based artist Stephen Eichhorn creates delicate hand cut paper collages from reproductions of foliage – palm fronds, grasses, leaves and flowers”

These new shirts are tite.

Stephen Eichhorn


08 September 2008

The Penrose Annual

08 September 2008

photo by acejet 170

The Penrose Annual was a hefty hard-cover bound annual that covered the latest and greatest print technology from 1895 to 1982. If you can get one on eBay, do so. Many issues are packed with dozens of color plates, special inks, embossings and other ephemera that exhibit the brilliant craft of the pressman. The 1938 edition by Jan Tschichold is particularly desirable…

More photos by ACEJET 170