A collaboration between illustrator Jingyao Guo and small batch design brand ODLCO, these World Marketplace posters are like the Where’s Waldo immersion-thing, rendered in Jingyao’s totally amazing low-polygon illustration style. Some of the most famous outdoor markets, dense with visceral food stuffs, smells, light & signage make for great repeat viewing.

The posters are available on Kickstarter for another week or so, and are nicely priced at $25. Comes with a rad coloring book, too!



Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.46.35 AM


Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.40.47 AM


Capitol Butter Dish!

21 August 2012

Capitol Butter Dish from ODLCO on Vimeo.


I love this.
Some of you may remember my posts a few months back about the brilliant Wabi Nabe cast iron pot from Chicago design brand ODLCO. They’ve recently redesigned their site and launched their new product, the Capitol Butter dish, by Morgan Carter – just in time for the political season. Made of 100% white porcelain, it’s charming and stately – rather unlike anyone in political news at the moment.

Referencing the token building souvenirs you might find when visiting DC, but made with the attentive hand of a craftsman, the Capitol Butter Dish takes a stately presence on your table while serving the lowly job of butter dish. And, the front lawn performs dual service as a knife rest.

On sale now at ODLCO.com


If you have any self-respect as a designer, get on this. That is all.

Motion Theory for IBM

09 November 2011

Breathtaking work by Motion Theory for IBM’s THINK exhibit at the Lincoln Center. Watch this full screen. 

Inker Linker

13 October 2011

Need to find a printer that will foil stamp that amazing corgi illustration you made – in two weeks and with holographic foil? Look no further! Jessica Hische’s “Inker Linker” lists quality printers, silkscreen studios and letterpress houses that you can get into business with. Just like that! A great resource and a handsome looking site, too.

You can also find printers that offer workshops or rent press time. Sign me up!


28 September 2011

ODLCO, formerly known as The Object Design League, is making object design in Chicago exciting. Cofounded by Caroline Linder and Lisa Smith, ODLCO has an impressive backlog of projects and events. Never dull or clinical, the approach is something that comes from a genuine fascination of objects and their context in the world. A perfect example is the wonderfully engaging and surprising “Balloon Factory” , installed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago back in July.

Their latest product (and the first under the new ODLCO banner) is a cast iron cooking pot by designer Gabriel Hargrove. Check out the Kickstarter –– this one will go fast!


Diner Journal

22 January 2011

Diner Journal is a quarterly publication of esoteric recipes, food writing, illustration and culture loosely based around a theme. There’s a chicken issue, a Vermont issue (with beautiful cheese cloth pattern endpapers), etc. This magazine is proof that we can still find substance and value in print today. The whole thing feels like a tightrope walk between careful, considered design and a haphazard lovingly sloppy zine aesthetic. The paper stock varies, but is always nice. The illustrations are beautiful. Best of all, it’s three hole punched so you can put it in some nerdy binder. You would.

Issue 11, art directed by Derick Holt

The magazine is affiliated with the Brooklyn restaurant/butcher/shop Marlow & Sons. A lot of the issues (as well as the Marlow & Sons identity) was created by Derick Holt. The latest issue, a rambling collection of “How-to” articles and illustrations, was art directed by August Hefner (who is ALSO great, btw). Buy em up and hold on to them!

Thomas Traum has designed 25 amazing 3D renderings for this years “Most Beautiful Swiss Books” in collaboration with Carl Burgess and Laurenz Brunner.

The way Traum’s 3D kitsch interplay with Brunner’s occult-like multi-column layout works rather nicely. The overall effect – glossy renderings opposite dense blackness – feels appropriate for something that can risk being perversely self referential.

If I could only find a copy of Bryce 3D…maybe all these American design annuals would be a little more interesting.

New Paper

27 July 2010


I’m a recent fan of the fantastic iPhone app called Instapaper. When you surf the web and find articles that you don’t have time to read, you bookmark them with a little browser bookmarklet. The free iPhone app then loads it all up for you – like your own homemade newspaper.

May I suggest some places to bookmark interesting reads:

Legwork is a Berlin- and Hannover-based collaborative concerned with situational articulations and circulations of meaning, ranging from figurative to discursive.

“Six Prototypes for a Screensaver”, by David Reinfurt

The Sins of St. Paul, by Micheal Bierut

Interview with Dave Hickey in The Believer.

Absolute Sellout

09 October 2009


I am always fascinated by the ephemeral in American Design. A box of Crayons, Log Cabins, a can of Coke – we take them for granted. Don’t forget to wonder and marvel at all the great little things!

Absolute Sellout curates a small, limited quantity, collection of objects and literature for your purchase.