Benjamin Gomez

19 January 2009

Benjamin GomezBenjamin GomezBenjamin Gomez

French graphic designer and typographer Benjamin Gomez.

Vignelli Canon

05 January 2009



Massimo Vignelli talks about design principles in his new book. Download the pdf here.

baby hand soap

Disturbing…but really interesting, wash yourself with baby hands…

From A+R Store


laptop sweater081214-brightpinksweater.jpg

Laptops get cold during the holidays too… Sweaters are recycled to protect laptops.

From The Post Family


Frank by Anton Studer

11 December 2008

Frank typeface

A sans-serif blackletter typeface… designed by Anton Studer, not a bad idea, available from Gestalten

Eno Henze / Ambush

03 December 2008

Just love Eno Henze’s work.


03 December 2008

Swiss team FULGURO from Lausanne makes some amazing designs.

Mattis Dovier

02 December 2008


Work from Mattis Dovier, coming from France.

The Unloader

20 November 2008

The Unloader

The Unloader takes any documents you send, prints it and then destroys it.

Not exactly environmentally friendly, but a charming idea.

Benoit Pelletier-Diabolus

17 November 2008

Benoit Pelletier-Diabolus



Benoit Pelletier-Diabolus is a graphic design and photography studio from Reims, France.