23 August 2010

Accumulonimbus from andy kennedy on Vimeo.

Very nice spinny stop motion.

Extensive making-of: see his great home-made down shooter rig, models being made, etc here

The new MTV rebrand from Universal Everything is pure eye and ear joy. Feast.

Karsten Schmidt from Etapes on Vimeo.

“…he is actively exploring current possibilities at the intersection of design, art, software development and education and applying these in a variety of fields. A strong conceptual thinker and always striving for maximum creative freedom, Karsten’s design approach is based on treating ideas as software at the heart, which in turn informs all other facets of each project.”

Part of what he talks about here is blurring the boundaries between “technical” and “artistic” skill, and how that generally breaks down within the current hierarchy of the industry. As a programmer who enjoys (but doesn’t have much opportunity to explore) code-driven creative design and animation, this speaks to me.

Carbon nanotube muscles

19 March 2009

Carbon nanotube muscles. Strong as steel, more flexible than rubber, lighter than air and incredibly fast.

German Animation

09 March 2009

Rocks (”Das Rad”)


Two excellent German stop motion shorts.

Water-Based Eyeglasses

09 January 2009


pretty genius invention, in my opinion, that could erase the need to make different lenses for different prescriptions.  As inventor Josh Silver puts it, a “tremendous glimpse of the obvious”. 


04 November 2008



A pretty robust modular music production app in your browser.  Synths, drum machines, effects pedals. . .  shows the potential Actionscript 3 has with audio.
This is connected to a whole creative community type thing with forums and user generated content and the whole bit.

6 second films

04 October 2008

6 second films.  By me. 

Concrete Building Printers

03 September 2008


“Most readers will be aware of so-called “3D printing” techniques, in which solid objects can be constructed automatically from computer models. Researchers in California intend to scale the process up radically, using “contour crafting” concrete extrusion to erect buildings in a matter of hours.”