Yusuke Nagano

10 April 2010





Illustrations by Yusuke Nagano in Sweden. This music video and album art above were done by Yusuke for the band Little Dragon, who’s amazing female vocalist, Yukimi Nagano, happens to be his daughter.

Joshua Distler

08 April 2010




New site and work by Joshua Distler

Ryan McGinley

08 April 2010



A set of photographs from the Winter Olympics by Ryan McGinley.

Give Up Art

05 April 2010

Give Up Art in London.


01 April 2010

Dr. Martens celebrates 50 years today by creating covers + videos of cult classic tracks with music videos released today by contemporary artists DaM-FunK, Noisettes, & The Duke Spirit.

More videos to come by remaining artists: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Cinematic Orchestra, N.A.S.A., Buraka Som Sistema, The Raveonettes, MC5 & DOA, and Verbal.

Shiffman & Kohnke

01 April 2010

Some nice exhibition / book design by Shiffman & Kohnke

Irwin Tobias Matutina

28 March 2010





Irwin Tobias Matutina lives and works in New York.


10 March 2010

My friend D.Mo and I just finished a mix for Noncollective: a growing family of mixtapes with psychedelia, disco and rock as somewhat of an underlying theme. Memos In Absentia is our first joint venture and is amongst a tasteful collection of mixes from other special guests.

Download Mix + Album Art (zip)   |   Stream Mix (mp3)

Memos In Absentia
Energy settles within energies into forms until you are born. As other forms multiply before you, your inner formlessness grows quietly. More and more until friction drops its spark, giving birth to emotions. Accruing, like blossoms and clouds, like a balloon bouquet that shapes and colors our pasts. But when air gives way to wind, ripples to waves, smoke to blaze and land to sediment, we see others laid to rest. And we release balloons, one by one, as those gone show us eternity’s perfection lies not in the forms of yesterday or tomorrow. Only in the form of change when moving on.

01 / Le Premier Bonheur du Jour / Os Mutantes
02 / Old & Young / Roland Kovac
03 / Mulatu / Mulatu Astatke
04 / Tuareg / Gal Costa
05 / Mercury / Julian Lynch
06 / Haikuesque (When She Laughs) / Bibio
07 / The African Dawn / Electro Keyboard Orchestra
08 / Red Lady Too / George Harrison
09 / Absense / Clark
10 / Sour Soul / Pool-Pah
11 / Styx / Catharsis
12 / C is for Charlie / DJ Harvey & Gerry Rooney
13 / Shatavari / Metal Fingers
14 / Singing Sand / Quiet Village
15 / No Strings Attached / Coleman
16 / Dry Drops / Haider & Co
17 / Mowgli / Nino Nardini & Roger Roger
18 / Only When I’m Dreaming / Minnie Riperton
19 / Davos S (Trio ‘round Midnight) / Jan Jelinek (avec The Exposures)
20 / Orange Tree / Lone
21 / Birthday Music / The Gaslamp Killer
22 / Recado Para Pio Lobato / Lucas Santtana
23 / Alone Again / William The Blue

Demetrius May

08 March 2010

The work of Demetrius May.

Brooke Reidt

07 March 2010

Illustration by California based Brooke Reidt.