I’m Here

27 February 2011

Once again brands are working with established directors. Absolut Vodka and Spike Jonze present I’m Here.

Hello Ito

25 February 2011

Website update by photographer Ito. Nice photos on the blog as well.

Josh Finklea

20 February 2011

Josh Finklea just launched a new site with new work. Thanks for the email.

Anik Polo

16 February 2011

Beautiful work by Swiss photographer Anik Polo, currently living in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil.

Wonford St.James

05 February 2011

A new website by Wonford St.James

Dean Kaufman

25 January 2011

Updated site and work by photographer Dean Kaufman.

Lucas Rampazzo

25 October 2010

The work of Lucas Rampazzo of São Paulo, Brasil.

Google Earth + Saudi Arabia

05 October 2010

Interesting images of unconsciously made design in Saudi Arabia via Google Earth. More images here.

David Oscroft

17 September 2010

David Oscroft recently re-designed and re-launched his site, and added a blog of photography as well.

Tommaso Sartori

15 September 2010

Photography by Tommaso Sartori