Shots asked us to do an ident for them , so Simon and I jumped on the occasion to do a second short promo for the dead pirates . It was done in 2 weeks at the Mill including writing of the script and the music , which explains the simplicity of the clip .

Hoy everybody , myself and Simon just finished our music video for my band the dead pirates.
It’s been produced by the Mill and we had the chance to get some big help from Dr Mushroom , Mooe and Asterokid .
It took us 3 month to do it , with a mix of 3d and 2d , including the recording of the song .
We seriously hope you enjoy it .

the Jean Spezial

09 June 2008


yay my first post !

I wanted it to be special , so here you go , those guys are so special …
This is a collective of french illustrators , they’ve got a new website wich is really cool so have a look at their AMAZING work HERE

I hope you enjoy