Chrome Web Lab

19 July 2012

Chrome Web Lab brings the magic of the internet into the physical world through 5 Chrome Experiments. Open to the world online. Live from the Science Museum, London.

This Exquisite Forest

19 July 2012

This Exquisite Forest is the latest project from the Google Data Arts Team. An interactive installation will open on July 23 at the Tate Modern, and you can start contributing online now. Read more on the official Google blog post.

I love you Magazine

30 June 2012

I picked up this copy of I love you yesterday. It’s a nice one — featuring a great interview with Tyra Banks.

Pia Bramley

25 June 2012

I’m digging Pia Bramley’s drawings. Especially that baby.

John Barton

19 June 2012

Sheila Gallagher

11 March 2012

Sheila Gallagher makes paintings out of melted plastic and live flowers. Also check out her beautiful smoke drawings

Yker Moreno

01 December 2011

Design, illustration, and motion work from Brooklyn’s Yker Moreno.

Nine Circles Number Clock

06 November 2011

Nine Circles Number is new numeral system based on a simple visual logic of arithmetic progression. Instead of relying on memorizing the elements, it relies on counting the elements.” Concept by Ji Lee.

Hansje van Halem

01 November 2011

I love Hansje van Halem’s type treatments.

26 October 2011 visualizes the first Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suites. Using the math behind string length and pitch, it came from a simple idea: what if all the notes were drawn as strings? Instead of a stream of classical notation on a page, this interactive project highlights the music’s underlying structure and subtle shifts.” —Alexander Chen