The Company of People

02 April 2009



Broad selection of works by artists over at Company of People. Really like the idea of taking collage outside of cut paper and arranging people/objects in the way that a film director (such as Fellini) would. Going into the beyond

Harsh Patel

31 March 2009



Either he owns a photocopy machine or he spends alot of money at Kinkos (as I do). Either way, there is a beautifully classic sophistication that emerges from Harsh‘s small books. Go have a look and say hello. Harsh Patel

Getting Weird Mix 02

25 March 2009


Josh Clancy (Toothjuice) and I are curating a series of mixes/podcasts made of all sorts of weird tunes we like working to. This mix will be featured on Damien Correll‘s Heard and Not Seen site as well. You’ll see he takes the music and the cover art very seriously. Hope you enjoy!

Download Getting Weird 02


1. Bruce Haack – Word
2. Challenge – Thirst
3. Jive Rhythm Trax – 112 BPM
4. Material – Ciquri
5. Erobique – Endorphinmachine
6. Dirty Soundsystem – Brain of Oskar Panizza (Pilooski Edit)
7. Soldout – The Shape Of
8. Hundarna Fran Soder – 10500 BC
9. Jungle Sound FX
10. Milton Jackson – Backwards Disco
11. Remote – Hardstick (La Horse Remix)
12. Modeselektor – Suckerpin (Feadz Remix)
13. Bernard Fevre – Cosmic Rays
14. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik – Besuchen Sie Mich Einmal
15. Proroky – Back to the Burner
16. Ali Renault – Cuffs
17. Inner City – Big Fun (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
18. Bruce Haack – Word
19. DJ Hell – The Angst

Keeping an archive of images is a difficult thing to do, but it was the only way up until a few years ago. Dug these up, gettin weird…




Here are the four most recent additions to our collection. Meet Matter, Merriam, Morricone, and Pineapple.
And here’s a closer look at one of mine, Morricone…



Antenna (ARF) was around before the Age of FFFFOUNDs, consistently posting interesting objects, articles, quotes, and other visual stimuli in an uncanny, detailed manner. Needless to say, it’s good to see they’re back up and running again.

Sleeve Art

25 November 2008


Sweet sleeve art for Phil Manzanera on K Scope (1978).



Book Roll Call

07 November 2008

I love books. I can’t get enough of them. So here are some of my current favorites that I encourage you to pick up.

ECAL, a great book for students and educators of Graphic Design. The École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne is a model for design pedagogy and academic research. The book kind of chronicles the work of the staff and students over the past years.


Anni & Josef Albers. Flipping through it just once convinced me that some of the most talented designers out there right now not only know this work but are employing the principles in their own work (from those crazy abstract color studies of Andy Gilmore to the line art of Geoff Mcfetridge).


Bauhaus, Modernism & the Illustrated Book. Architecture influencing book typography influencing architecture. This was an amazing time for graphic design and the work is relevant to anything posted on this blog.


Bauhaus 2

AGI: Graphic Design Since 1950. The Alliance Graphique Internationale is like the high rollers club, the elite, the best of the best in graphic design. Founded in 1951, the organization has selected some 600 designers from more than thirty nations to join. This book is a summary of the accomplisments of its members (such as Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Ivan Chermayeff, Tom Geismar, Chwast,..and so on). I am not kidding when I say that every page is solid gold.




Tal R

11 October 2008

“Painting is a zombie medium. As a painter you are a little bit like a guy showing up in a tiger suit at a techno party. So your dress code is outdated, but you might still have the best moves on the dance floor.”

Nice works from Tal R. Check out his new zine at Nieves.