The Interpretation is set to a minimal score filled with authentic sounds of nature, complimenting the environmental essence of the visuals. Visuals by Michael Paul Young. Soundtrack by Michael Cina. DVD is now available!

Maya Hayuk

11 May 2009


Whirling colors smash into dangling foliage. Maya Hayuk is amazing. I recommend looking through her older work too if you aren’t familiar. She also has a book out through Upper Playground, available here.

Sarah Kissell

06 May 2009


In this small, weird corner of the US we have some huge talent thanks to MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design), the Walker Art Center, and a few other magnetic poles of design. You can add Sarah Kissell to that list now. Sarah pushes craft to an obsessive level and shows the value that good photography can bring to design.

Sarah Kissell

Quote: Tschichold

01 May 2009


I revisited some notes I had written in response to reading Anne Burdick’s essay “Neomania” published in Emigre 24. I like to go back to essays like that whenever I feel pressured or overwhelmed to be a certain type of designer. I think most of us can relate to that sort of desperation. Reading an essay or even the newspaper can help assuage our creative frustration and bring a steady footing when “the rapid turnover dizzies the Rational Functionalist in each of us.” (Which we should like to keep steadied, right?)

Victoria Line

24 April 2009


The tiles of the Victoria Line. I miss London. Repost from Design Assembly (superb blog worth adding to your feed reader)

Douglas Lee

21 April 2009


Airbrush style typographic illustrations by the the multi-talented Douglas Lee also known as Lee Douglas.


17 April 2009

Those smoky swashes came to my attention today. Great font from Canada Type finally available for retail (some of you may already know of Memoriam via New York Times Magazine). Similar extreme display contrast as Mommie.


14 April 2009



I completed an interview with Byggstudio back in 2006 for a zine, but never published it. I feel like I owe them a bit so I present their work here. I hope you like their down-to-earth direction as much as I do.

IDEA Magazine 333

10 April 2009


Emil Ruder is one of my favorite designers..hands down. So when we got in these new IDEA Magazines at YouWorkForThem featuring his work, I got really excited. And with good reason. Issue 333 features not only page after page of Ruder’s work but also the philosophy behind Ruder’s pioneering typography. I think why this issue is important is that it presents a case for the design choices being made, something I see less and less of circling in the forefront of graphic design resources like image sites and published books; unfortunately the places a lot of students and young designers look to for guidance and inspiration.  Invest in this,  you won’t regret it.


Another impressive contact of mine on Flickr brings some abstract globes, totemic columns, and supernatural rock quarries to my attention regularly. Check out Push the Button, add them as your contact.