Zero 1,2,3

07 July 2009

Environmental and elemental art — large-scale and sky art — kinetic and technological art — random happenings and programmed events — multimedia and light shows: ZERO 1, 2, 3 documents the birth, more than ten years ago, of these new tendencies in international art. It collects in one volume the three publications created by the artists’ collaborative, Group Zero, between 1958 and 1961.


More images and insight here.

Seok Jaewon

06 July 2009


He contrasted African time to European time and also to Asian time. He said that in the 19th century, mankind had come to terms with space, and that the great question of the 20th was the coexistence of the different concepts of time.

-Sans soleil (1983)

I don’t encounter very much Japanese design on the web, especially design from the early 20th century. So much of Japan seems hidden. That being said, here’s an amazing collection of book and magazine covers from that era.

David Pearson

24 June 2009


Some beautiful, classic typographic book covers and jackets by David Pearson.

Like the stark contrast of this photographic series by Mårten Lange. Small book available at Sister.

Die Raffinerie

09 June 2009


Great use of Gill Sans Ultra for the Schauspielhaus season identity by Raffinerie. Go have a look at their other work as well. I’d like to see American or Delta take their in-flight magazine as seriously as the Swiss do.

Jacqueline Casey

03 June 2009


A few of these posters have popped up here and there lately. Thought I should pass along a link to the full collection. Stunning work: The Jacqueline Casey Poster Collection

Way Shape Form

02 June 2009



Another duo, Way Shape Form. Check out their self-published Accidental Poetry by Twenty-one (Russian) Brides-to-be. Content is everywhere, even in spam.


29 May 2009


If you follow design for some years you see collaborations and new studios form between talented people. PIPI combines the styles of Alain Rodriguez and Raphaël Garnier. A good match.

Boris Bonev

15 May 2009


Something different, Typography from a Bulgarian, Boris Bonev.