“…the salesman, once an unpredicted, unpredictable bolt from the blue of a life on the road, has been trapped behind a glass screen and reduced to padding along in an endlessly repetitive existence of cruel, unparalleled drudgery; i.e. ‘reality’. He can’t be ‘real’, though, because advertisers have trapped him in an ossified, glass-cage version of ‘reality’ that’s pre-recorded and set to loop hundreds of times a day, victimising these salt-of-the-earth types who work at Tesco, B&Q or Kwik Fit, or are excited to extol the benefits of a new chocolate bar or paste for sensitive teeth. They are robotic representations of our retired traveling salesman, and, through the way they ruin and mock their own claims on authenticity and reality by parrot-patter repetition, they bear an eerie resemblance to those wannabe-authentic, ‘social commentary’ guitar bands foisted upon us by a hopelessly cumbersome and unresponsive major label machine.”

A Look Back At The 00s: ‘Glo-fi’ And The Sadness Of The Advertised Man


12 October 2009




Merijn Hos updates

06 October 2009


Being somewhat interested in house/techno music as well as design (so rare these days!) I came across Merijn’s updates almost simultaneously but from different sources. Always incredible detail and playful collages by Merijn Hos

Charlotte Bonjour

25 September 2009



Collages, drawings, and other works by Charlotte Bonjour

Part & Parcel

24 September 2009


Two very rad dudes just opened up shop. Brooklyn’s Part & Parcel, inquire within.

Michael Cina

22 September 2009



Mike is a great friend and mentor to me. He’s constantly working on something, always moving from one thing to the next, truly prolific.
Check out his work, especially those Ghostly International sleeves.

Letra/Marco Balesteros

27 August 2009



There’s a good balance of style and simplicity in Marco’s work. Werkplaats and Letra

Jesse B Harris

26 August 2009



Clever works from Jesse ‘the Body’ Harris

Stefan Kanchev

25 August 2009


I love finding these old dudes that make you feel a little bit lazy. If Stefan Kanchev is not in the AGI, he should be. Really into the logos, hopefully you are too.

Chad Kloepfer

13 July 2009


I’ve seen this work around town, popping up in the collectable graphic ephemera produced by the amazing Walker Art Center. What I like about Chad’s work is that he understands the skeletons of typefaces as a anthropologist would a fossilized mammal.