Xavier Encinas

23 June 2009

Xavier Encinas

Update of Xavier Encinas website, french Art Director living and working in Vancouver, BC.

In an expression of the inexpressible

From the first visuals featured on rock and roll record sleeves through contemporary music videos and magazines, graphic design has played and integral role in visualizing music.

For instance, Andy Warhol’s artwork for the Velvet Underground and Peter Saville’s iconic Joy Division album covers are forever burned in our collective cultural memory as images synonymous with the music.

In An Expression of the Inexpressible features contemporary international designers whose work showcases the current interactions of music and design.

This exhibition features art, graphic design and video works by Stefan Sagmeister, Non-Format, Karlssonwilker, Mike Mills, Trevor Jackson, Yokoland, Sara Haraigue, Mario Hugo, RD Granados, Stereotype Design, Standard Motion, Si Scott, Sonnenzimmer, Roger Bova, Shannon McGlothin, Jean Jullien, Hannah Waldron, Mike Little, Chris Rubino and Géraldine Georges.


August 7—27, 2009
Opening reception: Friday, August 7th, 5pm—9pm
Dean Johnson Gallery, Indianapolis IN
More info here

Non-Format : Peroxide

27 May 2009

Non Format

Insanely beautiful new work by Non-Format for S magazine.

Andreas Pihlström

06 May 2009

Andreas Pihlstrom

Update of the design studio Suprb based in Stockholm, very good work !

Amy Bennett

06 May 2009

Amy Bennett

Really amazing paintings of Amy Bennett.

Théo Gènnitsakis

22 April 2009

Théo Gènnitsakis

Update of the french graphic designer Théo Gènnitsakis who’s recently opened his agency “La Surprise” in Paris. Very beautiful evolution in his work and a very cool guy !

Jesse Auersalo

02 April 2009

Jesse Auersalo

Very impressive work and new style of Jesse Auersalo !

Rachel Thomas

26 January 2009




Amazing work of Rachel Thomas.

Antoine + Manuel

19 January 2009







Antoine + Manuel exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs of Paris, it is the opportunity to rediscover the amazing work of this two talented graphics designers.


26 November 2008


Wonderful work of Non-Format.