Hyper Island

22 April 2008

We have been asked to participate in streaming a video for Hyper Island School of Design in Sweden. This is the 2nd in a series of 10 being released exclusively to a few sites, including ours. The purpose is to create some buzz for their Diploma Program for English speaking people.

“In this video, current students at Hyper Island talk about what they think is unique with their education, their learning from Hyper and what they are currently working on.”

For more on Hyper Island go to their site / blog. The first video in this series can be seen at FormFiftyFive.

Justin Thomas Kay

21 April 2008


From Zoo York skate deck graphics to Car & Driver magazine redesign, this guy has quite a diverse set of styles, and they’re all good.

Great flickr set

21 April 2008


100s of nonsensical images for your enjoyment.

Steven Knodel

21 April 2008


This guy rocks.


Vast online catalog of illustrations, publications, and manuscripts from Darwin’s career. He was a pretty amazing illustrator.


18 April 2008


Sebastien Nikolaou does good things.

Upright Citizens Brigade

18 April 2008

Oldie but goodie.

Gnarls Barkley site

18 April 2008


New Gnarls Barkley site up from ROKKAN.


Edward Lorenz, the man who discovered the strange attractor and pioneered the creation of chaos theory, died yesterday at age 90. It seemed only fitting to at least mention this news story. Washington Post article, NPR sound bite, Wiki article.