Fiona Banner

23 May 2008


British artist Fiona Banner explores the limits and possibilities of language in text-based drawings, sculptures and installations. Best known for her laborious, handwritten descriptions of war films and epics such as Lawrence of Arabia, Banner has also used the art-historical genre of the nude to explore issues of violence, vulnerability and voyeurism; and has used sculptures of punctuation to investigate breakdowns and gaps in communication. – Excerpt from Artinfo interview, 2006.

Cody Hoyt

23 May 2008



I don’t know much about him, accept he uses silkscreen, lithography, etching, gouache, mixed media, pencil, marker, and ink, and his work is sweet. Site here.

Sam Prekop

22 May 2008


Bit of post-rock jazz to start your Thursday. This is Sam Prekop’s first solo record, Self-titled. He’s the front-man from The Sea and Cake, another fantastic Chicago band. And he’s a pretty great painter too, this album cover being one of his.



22 May 2008



We also received word from French studio peter&wendy that they’ve just released their first limited edition poster called “Grotesque”. Flickr set here.


Steve Harrington sent over an email today letting us know that SixPack France are hosting a traveling exhibition of his new work entitled “Our Mountain.” It kicks off June 5th in Paris, and will tour through Berlin, Barcelona, and Milan. In case you can’t make it, check out Steve’s first solo book commemorating the show. Day-by-day photo blog of the tour may also be found here.


19 May 2008



H23 is the studio of Cristian Ordóñez from Santiago, Chile.

New author

18 May 2008


Big welcome to Driv Loo (aka robonut) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He comes highly recommended from TSA author Andrio Abero. Nice to have you Driv!


18 May 2008


Zip is a multidisciplinary studio from London. They recently updated their site.


16 May 2008


Pixelgarten is a small bureau for multidisciplinary creation based in Frankfurt am Main Germany.

TSA evolves

15 May 2008


We’d like to welcome 10 new authors to TSA! We’re starting to span the globe, which should bring some nice diversity to our content. There’s a lot of talent on this list and we’re really excited to have everyone on board.

Matthieu Bessudo from London, England. aka Mcbess
Christine Taylor from New York, New York.
Antti Uotila from Helsinki, Finland.
Sara Haraigue from Paris, France. aka Look at me Design
Travis Stearns from Minneapolis, Minnesota. aka I Am Mint Condition
Andrio Abero from Brooklyn, New York. aka 33rpm
Louis Beaudoin from Montreal, Canada.
Steve Rura from New York, New York. aka Letters & Numbers
Givan Lötz from Johannesburg, South Africa.
Diego Farbo from Montevideo, Uruguay. aka Farbo

And thanks to our friends at FormFiftyFive, September Industries, Line Architecture, Things Mag, and Dirty Mouse for helping us in our search.

We still have a few continents left to fill. If you are interested to join, visit our contact page for more info.