Sophie Kern

26 August 2008



Sophie Louise Kern – recent graduate from Brighton University.

Most of my work is inspired by mythology, magic, mysteries, monsters, music, minty green tea, and other things beginning with M.

Annabelle Fiset

18 August 2008



Really diverse portfolio from Montreal-based Annabelle Fiset.

Sea Orchestra

18 August 2008

Gorgeous animation for United Airlines by Shy the Sun. Sea Orchestra is their second project after The Tale of How. The studio was founded by South African design/art collective The Blackheart Gang.

One Million

15 August 2008


We’re happy to report we’ve surpassed the one million hit mark since starting TSA in February. To commemorate our mini triumph we’ve done a little site refresh and are adding a few authors.

Please welcome

Brian Thomas from New York, NY
Mina Bach from Barcelona, Spain
Craig Salter from Leeds, UK
Ellen Zhao from New York, NY
Christopher Roeleveld from Chicago, IL

Thanks to everyone who visits. Please leave comments and let us know what you think/love/hate/admire. As always our doors are open to new members – click our contact section for more info.


13 August 2008



Incredible work from Barcelona. Lamosca.

Sorry for the lack of posts… something great coming very soon. Hold tight!

Evening Tweed

07 August 2008



A collective of designers from the UK. Shown above is work from Jez Burrows and Owen Gildersleeve.

Sanna Annukka

06 August 2008



Beautifully illustrated work by Sanna Annukka. Check out her new shop for silk screened prints.

Graphic Therapy

06 August 2008


Portfolio of David Calderley. I love the art for this Interpol record. Photography credit: Seth Smoot.


04 August 2008


Really been loving this foursome out of San Francisco recently. This is a record of theirs from a couple years back, Telescope Mind. Band site here.


Thomas Brooks

31 July 2008


Thomas Brooks from the UK. I really like his poster series for the Horror Film Festival as well.