Mandy Rep

08 December 2011

Mandy Rep from the Netherlands, currently working at a fashion agency in Copenhagen.

Michael Latimer

08 December 2011

Michael Latimer has a nice collection of art prints.

Akın Çetin

06 December 2011

Akın Çetin, from Istanbul.

Mario Corea

06 December 2011

Interesting art by Mario Corea. He runs an architecture firm in Barcelona called Mario Corea Arquitectura, which really deserves its own post. Thank you Luana for the email.

Hand drawn, frame by frame, with markers on paper. By Kijek / Adamski.

Siggi Odds

28 November 2011

Sigurður Oddsson from Iceland updates. Thanks for the email.

Tyler Varsell

28 November 2011

Collage and mixed media art from Tyler Varsell.


22 November 2011

Animation by UK-based Jens Blank called Don’t swim after lunch. See some of the character design and a bit of behind-the-scenes on his site here. Thanks for the email.

Junyi Wu

21 November 2011

Beautiful illustration work sent in by Junyi Wu from LA.


18 November 2011

A short film about the modernity of Linen, directed by Benoit Millot of le potager design. Full credits here.