23 February 2009


Vogelhäus is a small independent studio in Columbus, Ohio.

TSA two point o

23 February 2009

After several months redesigning and building, we’re really happy to get the new TSA site up. Thank you Matt Loseke for all your help.

New features include creative resources, author bios, recommended reading, and soon to come – an exclusive section of projects, articles, and interviews. We are also working on a collaborative series, which should be done fairly soon, and is shaping up nicely.

Thanks for visiting.

Barney Bubbles new book/blog

20 February 2009


There’s an interesting new blog in support of Paul Gorman’s book, Reasons to be Cheerful: The Life and Work of Barney Bubbles, featuring expanded and adapted material from the book as well as new and previously unpublished information and images about the designer.

A little about Barney Bubbles, if you’re unfamiliar: Barney was responsible for posters for The Rolling Stones, light shows for Pink Floyd, 150+ record sleeves for the likes of Hawkwind, Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, Billy Bragg and Depeche Mode, and pioneering promo videos, stage sets, post-modern furniture and paintings as well as a host of book and magazine designs.

Book available here.

Candy Magazine – redesign

20 February 2009




Candy Magazine gets a makeover and the new issue is chock-full of great interviews and articles. Issue 11: For All Intents & Purposes features Jen Stark, Alex Trochut, Kim Høltermand, Chris Ro, Alex Gross, and many others.

Redesign was done by Keith Nally and Jamie Delaney at MakeItWorkDesign. Thanks for the note Keith!

WhatTheFont for iPhone

18 February 2009


Another neat iPhone app for designers and type geeks. Identify any font by snapping a picture of it. It works surprisingly well. From MyFonts.

Me and Mister Jones

16 February 2009





I really love the work by Me and Mister Jones; husband-and-wife duo Tom Merckx and Fanny Khoo from Singapore. They sent us their link yesterday and it’s a pleasure to post them up.

Our friend Steven Harrington got in touch to let us know about his recent collaboration with Arkitip, designing a custom laptop sleeve and iPhone case. The video takes a peak at the gallery show and Steven’s studio/home.

Tyson Ibele – Hemlock

13 February 2009

Tyson Ibele’s entry for CG Society’s Steampunk Myths and Legends CG challenge. More on the artist and ‘making of’ here.

James Dawe

12 February 2009




London-based James Dawe creates tasty collages.


11 February 2009


Todesign got in touch today from Italy with some nifty interior wall design. Thanks for the email!