High five, us

13 March 2009

We’ve recently hit our one-year mark! It took us over a month to get 100,000 hits starting out, now we’re averaging more than that daily, and growing quickly. So thank you for visiting and thanks for all the submissions. Stay tuned for some fancy new updates and features.

High Five

Pitchfork = new

13 March 2009

Pitchfork gets a sexy clean makeover. Site design and identity by Tangible.

Sophie Henson updates

13 March 2009

New work from Sophie Henson.

Rain Installation

11 March 2009

Clever installation art from Stacee Kalmanovsky – Florence.

István Szugyiczky

11 March 2009

Really nice work out of Barcelona. Thank you for the link István.

Andy Stewart

09 March 2009

Andy Stewart is a Scottish designer working at Native. Thanks for the link Andy.

New authors

09 March 2009

We’ve invited two new authors to write for us, Salvatore Dellaria and Matt Loseke. Both bring with them great perspectives on music, art, architecture, and all things awesome. We’re happy to have you guys!


06 March 2009

Cargo is a nifty new creative publishing platform, which displays your work in a variety of templates or with custom css. Brought to us by Folkert Gorter and Josh Pangell (Newstoday, SpaceCollective). Similar idea to Indexhibit, and many others, yet they’ll host it for free and it has a nice community aspect to it. Plus the overall design/layout is really well thought out.

It’s currently beta, but you can apply for an account here.


06 March 2009

Nice handful of free and reasonably priced fonts over at Fontfabric.

David Marsh

05 March 2009

David Marsh is in his 3rd year at the Lincoln School of Art & Design. Gorgeous clean work, thanks for the link!