Cut&Paste Europe tickets

03 April 2009

After the Chicago tickets got swept up, Cut&Paste is now offering 5 free tickets (per city) to the remaining European events. If you live in any of the following cities and want to go, email us at hello [at], subject line C&P (the city). First 5 emails we receive for each will get a free pass. The London event will have to move fast…

London 4.4.09
Berlin 4.18.09
Barcelona 4.25.09
Milan 5.9.09

Bela Borsodi

02 April 2009

While on the topic of object collage… really sexy placement of things and art by Bela Borsodi.

Bastard Graphics

01 April 2009

Julien Rivoire from France.


31 March 2009

Clapclap Design from Stockholm. Via FFF.

Socio Design

31 March 2009

Socio Design got in touch with their brand new site. Super clean interface and great work to match. Thanks for the link!

Cut&Paste has kindly given us 5 free tickets to give away for the event this Saturday, April 4, in Chicago. If you’re around this area and want to go, please send us an email at hello [at], subject line: Cut&Paste, and we’ll pick 5 people at random.

Congress Theater. Doors at 6pm. 21 and over. Full details.

*Update: all 5 tickets have been given away. Thanks everyone for emailing.


30 March 2009

Kristian Mercado is a designer from NYC, and a Cut & Paste finalist.

Deke Smith

29 March 2009

Nice illustration work from Deke Smith, Burlington, Vermont.

A Base Reference

29 March 2009

Tim Jarvis from the UK specializes in branding and identity. I especially like how he lays out his logotype process. Thanks for the link Tim.


26 March 2009

Catching up on some recent submits… Bosque is a multidisciplinary shop out of Buenos Aires.