New Author

20 June 2009

Today TSA welcomes on board Sougwen, a Brooklyn-based designer/illustrator currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a contributor to the Ghostly International visual roster, former Cuban Council councilor, and has completed work for clients ranging from Nike to Tom Waits. Her collaborations include work with TWiN Studios and Joshua Davis.

Currently, she is attending the Interactive Art Director program at Hyper Island, in Stockholm. In her spare time, she is exploring new ways to fuse technology with her evolving visual style.

Welcome Sougwen!

Rich Soil

19 June 2009

Just received a tee in the mail from the new clothing line Rich Soil, started by Lamar Odom (LA Lakers) and creative director Jonathan Garcia. They have a talented bunch of artists on board, including Chuck Anderson, Mike Perry, and many more. Go take a look at their collection, for boys and girls…

why not smile

19 June 2009

Independent studio of New York-based Hoon Kim.

Áron Jancsó

18 June 2009

Áron Jancsó from Budapest keeps showing little glimpses of a new typeface he’s developing on his Flickr page. Shaping up nicely!


18 June 2009

João Oliveira, aka ONREPEAT, updates. Really really love this redesign of Gustave Flaubert’s book “Dictionary of Received Ideas.”


17 June 2009

Sandberg & Timonen Art Direction & Design from Stockholm.

Karl Toomey

17 June 2009

Karl Toomey is an Irish designer currently freelancing in London. Lot’s of great work to be seen on his site. Thanks for the link!


16 June 2009

Gorgeous fluid illustration/typography from Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based Sougwen.

New music video for the new band We Have Band, directed by David Wilson in collaboration with Fabian Berglund and Ida Gronblom from Wieden + Kennedy London. Animated by mother/daughter duo Joanna and Katie Anne Harrison. All 4,816 frames from the final cut are up on Flickr as well.

Making of here.

House of Burvo has just released their typeface Architect (with updated glyphs – smoother contours and revised kerning) at the reasonable price of whatever you feel it’s worth to you. For a limited time…

Via TypeNeu.